Olde English Bulldogge Information

Olde English Bulldogge Information

The Olde English Bulldogge was created in 1971 by David Leavitt. A combination of the English Bulldog (50%), Bull Mastiff (16.67%), Pit Bull (16.67%) and American Bulldog (16.67%), it mirrors the 18th century bulldog and is devoid of the ailments that plague English Bulldogs

Appearance and Grooming

Olde English Bulldogges range in weight from 50 to 80 pounds and are between 17 and 20 inches tall. Their coat, which is short and of medium thickness, comes in a brindle of red, gray, white, fawn or black. Minimal grooming is required and the level of shedding is average.


olde english bulldoggeAlthough they are quite easy going and have a cordial temperament, Olde English Bulldogges will go to extreme measures to protect their masters and any property that belongs to them. In addition, they take pride in gratifying their master’s commands. Because of these traits, the owner should possess the natural ability to lead and be willing to enroll the dog in obedience training to display authority and prevent those outbursts of dissatisfaction, which often result in growling and biting. They are ingrained with a migration instinct, so a daily pack walk and some form of exercise is also required.

Family Life

This breed easily adapts to a variety of environments with stable climates because of their history as a working dog.

Important Considerations

The average life expectancy for Olde English Bulldogges is 11 years. Bloat, also known as overeating, is a condition that is common amongst the breed. Owners should also be aware that Olde English Bulldogge’s drool a lot and should be provided with bones and toys on a frequent basis to satisfy their obsession with chewing. They are also prone to heart disease as a result of their large size.

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